Start360 Group: Is direct marketing the most effective form of marketing?

With the dominance of online platforms in the current digital age of smart devices, internet and social media, Start360 Group believe that marketing strategies can become lost along the way as the direct aspect is lost through mass targeting campaigns.  The purpose of marketing is to create exposure for a brand in a manner that still makes the consumer feel that it was designs specifically for them.  By using simple personalisation methods, emails can include individual’s names, can be targeted for a geographical location and can even engage on a amore personal level by including personal shopping links.

Direct Marketing can take many forms and can be effective for those businesses that have a small budget but still looking to achieve great results.  Direct Marketing can take many forms, Start360 Group share their quick guide on direct marketing methods, to help select the platform best suited to different business models;


Direct Response Advertising 

Direct Response Advertising is advertising with a goal of getting the prospect to order the product directly from the ad. Think infomercials that are solely designed to sell products to the consumer, the advertisements will focus on product strengths, price savings and a contact telephone number to place the order directly.  These infomercials’ will usually take the form of high cost TV slots.


Face to Face Promotions

By taking a product or service directly to the market with a human billboard ready to complete demonstrations, interact with the consumer by answering questions and even completing the sale onsite can build confidence in a brand and relax the consumer as the promotional venue will be in a place of relaxed atmosphere, easily reachable by the consumer.


Social Media

By offering a platform to reach millions of consumers at the touch of a button, it allows extremely high engagement levels for the consumer through liking, sharing, retweeting to name a few.  Businesses can increase brand awareness through these channels’ but need to focus on indirect direct sales so not to alienate their consumers.  By utilizing demonstrations, how to guides, funny clips it will create awareness and traffic towards websites or stores better tailored to selling a product.


Direct Marketing strategies especially face to face promotions can carry low overheads in comparison to indirect marketing strategies.  Start360 Group based in Newcastle offer a zero risk option for businesses looking to create exposure, develop brand loyalists and increase customer base, the firm has an elite team of independent sales advisors who guarantee a ROI and are confident in their ability they offer a no win no fee style package for those looking to try their services.


Start360 Group is a young, ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing company, specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. Their expertise lies in increasing market share and raising brand awareness for their client portfolio. Start360 Group achieve this through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns, at high profile events and venues. In a world of ever advancing technologies, the firm offers clients something that is often lacking in today’s impersonal digital world, the personal touch. The firm believes it is their direct and personalised approach that has been the catalyst for their success. It’s easy for people to forget a billboard they have walked past or a TV advert they have seen, however conversations have a lasting impact.


Published:  3rd December 2015

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