GUIDE: Start360 Group Offer Step-by-Step Instructions for Attending Industry Events

Organisation, flexibility and preparation can greatly enhance any conference experience and sales and marketing firm Start360 Group believe that to get the most out of a business event, winging it is not an option. Here the firm have shared how they prepare for business events.

Attending a business conference or event is a big commitment, the process can be a huge drain on time and energy, and often requires professionals to take time away from their working schedule. As such, by not fully preparing for these events professionals can waste a lot of precious time trying to play catch up, whether this be rushing to research the other attendees they may want to add to their network, or simply by trying to make up for the hours they lost travelling to and from an event which provided no real insight or support.


Sales and marketing firm Start360 Group attend a wide range of events throughout the business calendar. These events have taken the firm right across the UK and Ireland, with some taking place even further afield in America and Europe. In order to get the most they can from each event and to prevent these travel commitments from impacting the overall performance of the business, Start360 Group have created a strict preparation plan to help them manage their time effectively and network with as many people as possible within a relatively short time frame. To help other professionals prepare for business events the firm have shared the following tips from their business event preparation plan.


Clear Your Mind


The last thing a professional wants is to be at an event but have their mind somewhere else, but this is exactly what happens if they leave tasks unfinished and fail to tie up loose ends in the workplace before attending and event. Making sure all urgent tasks are completed before an event allows a professional to clear their mind and give 100% of their attention to what is happening at the event.


It’s also important for professionals to focus on looking forward to the event as this will help them be positive and accessible.




No one likes to be searching for their passport or car keys the morning of an event. Professionals should make it a priority to gather all their travel documents – boarding passes, directions, itinerary at least 2 days before, this also allows time to make alternative arrangements should something unforeseen occur.




It’s important to remember networking is give and take. If a professional is attending to meet a specific expert in their field they should consider what they themselves can bring to the experience. Just because they are there to learn doesn’t mean a professional can’t be knowledgeable and engaging.


Bring a Business Card


Pretty obvious but it’s amazing how many people forget to bring a simple clear contact card to all business events.




Professionals should always be ready to answer ‘what do you do?’ with a clear and precise answer. It’s also beneficial to prepare some openers such as ‘what brings you to the event?’ or ‘have you attended before?’ to break the ice.


Start360 Group is a leading sales and direct marketing firm that provides brands with a wider market reach throughout the North East. Through face to face customer interaction the firm are able to provide their clients customers with a highly personalised experience which drives brand loyalty and generates a higher quantity of sales.




Published:  15th December 2015

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