Start360 Group mingle with Newcastle Falcons stars at player’s sponsors event

On Thursday, February 1st, managing director at Start360 Group, Glen Lowes along with his fiancé and some friends attended the invite-only, Newcastle Falcons player’s sponsors event. Start360 Group has been a proud sponsor of Falcons scrum-half, Sonatane Takulua, for the last two season. Managing Director, Glen Lowes is a passionate sports fan and was looking for a way to transfer that passion into his business.

Heart radio’s Justin Lockwood hosted the evening. The event started with a sports quiz, where their player, Sonatane Takulua joined team Start360 Group. The team held their own, and took an early lead, but stumbled during the ‘what happened next round’ and just missed out on the top spot.

The rest of the night included interviews with some of the first team squad and a chance for the sponsors at the event to get a deep insight into the goals and ambitions for the Falcons this season.

During the event, Mr Lowes had the opportunity to pick Sonatane’s brain, finding out about his experience from his early career, to becoming the captain of his country and one for the stars of the Newcastle Falcons.

Goal Setting

Mr Lowes asked about the goals for the Falcons this seasons and Sonatane replied stating that at the start of the season, all of the players got together and set goals, which included a top 4 finish in the league and a good cup run. Currently, the Falcons sit in 5th place in the league, and they are still in two cup competitions, the European Challenge Cup and the Anglo-Welsh Cup, and Sonatane is confident of a great finish to the season.

Goal setting is a massive part of the business philosophy at Start360 Group. Mr Lowes sets goals daily, weekly, and yearly and he attributes goal setting to the firm’s continued success.


The conversation then changed to individual performance, with Mr Lowes wanting to know more about how Sonatane gets focused and if he ever experiences nerves, mainly when he is on kicking duties. Sonatane stated that he doesn’t get nervous before games, but that he does get nervous before he takes a penalty kick. The scrum-half remarked that before each kick he controls his breathing and focuses on the ball and blocks out all other noises, says his kids names and then kicks.

At Start360 Group, the firm believes that focus is essential to achieving goals, and when someone can achieve focus, it will improve their skills in business or personal pursuits.

Set Backs and Adapting

When Sonatane first moved over to the UK to play for the Newcastle Falcons, he had to get used to the playing conditions and adapt to the Newcastle Falcons pitch as they are one of only three teams in the country to use an artificial pitch. When speaking to Mr Lowes about adapting, Sonatane stated that when he first started playing on the artificial surface, it caused a few injuries, but in time his body got used to it, and he was able to adapt and overcome.

Mr Lowes has suffered many setbacks during his time as a business owner, and he believes that they are par for the course. The award-winning entrepreneur argues that adaptability is a vital skill for entrepreneurs as in fast-changing times, it’s imperative that people stay ahead of the competition.

As the evening drew to an end, Mr Lowes and Sonatane discussed the Rugby World Cup finals in Japan in 2019 where England will play Sonatane’s home country, Tonga. Speaking about the World Cup Finals, Mr Lowes mentioned that he thought it would be an exciting proposition to use that England v Tonga game as a company competition prize, tying in with the firm’s passion for travel and sport.

Date Published:  1st March 2018

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