Start360 Group Focussing on Travel with Road Trip Bonanza

Newcastle-based event-marketing firm Start360 Group has announced an exciting road trip bonanza will take place, with the firm sending business trips all over the UK.

Managing Director at Start360 Group Glen Lowes decided to plan the road trip bonanza to coincide with his holiday plans. “Road trips always produce great results, and after setting a new office sales record last week, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have the whole office on road trip while I am out of the country,” stated Mr. Lowes.


Mr. Lowes revealed that the customer acquisition specialists would be taking their business on the road as they plan to send road trips to Aberdeen, Ayrshire, Hull and South Yorkshire. Each road trip will go head to head, with the winners receiving a cash bonus.


Start360 Group is fortunate to have a business model that allows them to take their business on the road. They aren’t restricted to one static location, and their pop-up events allow them to expose their clients’ products and services to a new demographic of consumers, and conduct valuable market research that can often lead to expansion into a permanent location.


Road trips are also a great team bonding experience. Spending a week together helps people get to know one another on both a personal and professional level, developing more meaningful relationships. Mr. Lowes believes that forging solid relationships can prove to be advantageous in business as it improves communication and unification.


There are three key benefits of travel for business;


  • Networking  –  Travelling to different locations provides the opportunity to meet new people and presents networking opportunities
  • Brand Awareness – Road trips provide Start360 Group with the opportunity to expose clients’ products and services to a new consumer demographic
  • Education –  Start360 Group often send business trips to other marketing agencies across the UK. Having the chance to spend time at another company, observing their strategies and practices can be a great learning opportunity.


Mr. Lowes is excited to see who is going to step up and prove themselves to be a rising star. “Road trips are always a great chance to see who the most promising people are. It’s different from the day to day office routine, and forces people outside of their comfort zone.”


Start360 Group is the North East’s premier event marketing firm. In a world of ever advancing technologies, they offer our clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch. The firm regularly run business trips across the UK and in the wake of a record-breaking day last week, Mr. Lowes is excited by the prospect of setting a new weekly record.

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