Does personal branding matter? Start360 Group investigates

A Jobvite survey of recruiters revealing 95% viewed a competitive personal brand as an essential differentiator for attracting top talent in today’s workplace.  Newcastle-based Start360 Group is questioning whether personal branding matters.

In the digital age where recruitment strategies and candidate searches have taken a massive shift, having a personal brand enables employers to stand out and connect with job seekers on a different level. Instead of being just another recruiter in a highly competitive market, a personal brand allows recruiters to differentiate themselves to attract top talent.

In 2019, job seekers have more power than ever to choose a job that meets their expectations.  As a result, modern applicants want to get to know a recruiter before they apply. A survey by found that 70% of professionals stated they would be more likely to apply for a job if they knew more about the recruiter, with some participants reporting that they preferred to shape their interactions with a company based on what they learned about the recruiter. Other respondents revealed that they felt more confident about applying to a company once they got to know the recruiter.

A personal brand is an excellent way for recruiters to establish credibility and build trust with job seekers. People don’t connect with companies; they connect with people. Therefore, focussing on developing a strong personal brand shows prospective candidates someone’s identity, values and ambitions and lets them connect with the person rather than the brand.

Managing Director at Start360 Group, Glen Lowes has been building his personal brand over the last two years, and he has noticed a distinctive difference to the firm’s talent pool. Head of talent acquisition, Laura Elliott is now focusing on building her personal brand to help the event-marketing experts attract top talent to take the business forward.

‘Effective recruitment is imperative for companies to survive and thrive. Since we opened in 2012, recruitment has changed significantly, and it is important we keep up with those changes,’ commented Mr. Lowes.

Start360 Group is an award-winning event-marketing firm based in Newcastle. In a world of ever advancing technologies, they offer clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch.

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