Start360 Group: Why cheating is GOOD in business.

Whether it’s in sport, relationships or a game of monopoly with the in-laws – the concept of cheating is extremely negative. We’re going to explain why, in business, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Role play with us for a minute. Imagine having all the answers to your GCSE and A-Level exam questions. How do you think you would do?

Stupid question – you’d ace the tests and instantly become a Grade A student, right? Well, we’d argue this is exactly the same in business.

In business, all the answers are around you – all you have to do is go and seek them out. We want you to go to people who make more money than you, people who have bigger businesses than you and ask them how they did it – and in turn, learn from their mistakes.

How is this different from getting the answers to an exam? It’s not.

If you do this successfully, you can shave minutes, hours, days, weeks, month – even years – off the time it takes for you to hit your personal and professional goals.

Every mistake you’re going to make in this life has already been made by someone else before you. It’s all about your student mentality – that’s what we mean by ‘cheating’. The question is can you apply what you get taught to overcome such mistakes?

This is why we advise others to find mentors as quickly as possible. Whatever business you’re in or thinking of going into – find a mentor. Look at someone who’s had success in that industry. Look at someone who has the business that you want to have. These people are all around you.

Even if you can’t get in contact with them personally, you can find them on YouTube, you can read their posts on LinkedIn, find out about their life on Instagram, and gain their knowledge from their published books on Amazon. These are all forms of ‘cheating’ to fastback your journey towards success.

“We live in the age of information – there are no longer any excuses to fail.” – Glen Lowes.

As your business starts to grow, what do we want you to do? Yup, you guessed it – cheat again! Find someone who can upskill your business. Start asking questions (again) – start role-playing situations, conversations – what would you mentor do in these scenarios?

To conclude – why stumble at obstacles unnecessarily? Avoid them, and let’s all cheat to win.

Thank you for reading.

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