Start360 Group announce exciting growth competition to fly out to New York City

Managing Director at Start360 Group, Glen Lowes has revealed an exciting growth competition he is running for his organisation, with the winner getting the chance to accompany the business owner to New York City to mingle with some of the top people in the industry.

The objective of the competition is to drive business growth to boost turnover. The two winners must meet the criteria set out by Mr. Lowes which is focused on growth and business development. “I’m looking for people to step up. I want the winners to be a great example for others in my organisation. They have to show real progress in their business development accompanied by improved productivity,” commented Mr. Lowes.


Mr. Lowes announced the competition during one of the firm’s morning meetings, and it has had the desired effect. “Competition is an incredible motivator. The carrot is dangled at the end of the stick, and I’m excited to see the results.” Commented Mr. Lowes.


Mr. Lowes chose the Big Apple as the destination for the international trip, as one of his business partners moved to the city at the beginning of the year, with Mr. Lowes being instrumental in the move.  In July 2016, the Start360 Group director flew out to LA on a reconnaissance mission. The award-winning entrepreneur spent five days in the company of one of the most high profile individuals in direct sales and marketing industry.


Expansion into the USA has been an objective for Start360 Group since Mr. Lowe’s visit to LA in 2016. In January this year, one of Mr. Lowes business associates and mentees, Kirsty Pennal, moved to New York City to launch a project it the US. Mr. Lowes is excited to have the chance to reconnect with Ms. Pennal and other entrepreneurs during the visit.


The date for the international expedition is to be confirmed, but Mr. Lowes hopes to coordinate it with the annual US Sales and Marketing Awards which usually takes place in July.


Start360 Group have cultivated a strong company culture, where competition plays an integral role. Mr. Lowes believes that competition drives people to peak performance levels and it is also a great morale booster. At Start360 Group they have a recognition and reward culture, offering frequent bonuses, incentives and prizes to keep their workforce motivated and to instill a sense of appreciation.


Mr. Lowes believes that travel is crucial for business development and the firm frequently run business trips all over the UK. “Travel gives people the chance to experience new environments and forge new connections.” Stated Mr. Lowes.


Start360 Group is one of the North East’s premier event marketing firms. They specialise in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. Their expertise lies in increasing market share and raising brand awareness through interactive and innovative marketing solutions, delivered with a smile and a handshake. Mr. Lowes has thrown down the gauntlet to his organisation, and he is excited to see who steps up.

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